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Featured Products

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Embedding Media,

Embedding materials such as DDSA, NMA, DMP-30, Embedding Media

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Peel-A-Way Embedding Molds

Disposable paraffin molds. Useful for plastic, frozen, and epoxy embedding.



POWERFUL, TRUSTED, COST-EFFECTIVE transient transfection reagent.



Grids to support samples.


Staining Kits

Different kinds of staining kits for different sample types​.



Available in diameters ranging from 0.05um to 200 um. Polystyrene-based, Fluoresbrite, Silica microspheres, etc.

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Fixatives such as Karnovsky's Fixative, Osmium tetroxide, Bouin's Fixative

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Mounting Media

Mounting media for mounting and long term storage.


Nist Traceable Paricle

Precision size standards. Measured on in-house instruments calibrated with National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Hardner, Accelerator

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