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Staining Kit


Used for the detection of collagen fibers in tissues such as skin, heart, tec. on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded sections and may be used for frozen sections as well.

Results :

Collagen Fiber : Blue / Nuclei : Black / Cytoplasm, Muscle, Erythrocytes : Red

Packaging Size : 1 Kit (100 ml) - stains up to 40 slides / 1 Kit (500 ml) - stains up to 200 slides

Kit Contains :

100 ml / 500 ml - Bouin's Fixative

  75 ml / 250 ml - Weigert's Iron Hematoxylin Solution A

  75 ml / 250 ml - Weigert's Iron Hematoxylin Solution B

100 ml / 500 ml - Biebrich Scarlet-Acid Fuchsin

100 ml / 500 ml - Phosphotungstic/Phosphomolybdic Acid

100 ml / 500 ml - Aniline Blue

100 ml / 500 ml - 1% Acetic Acid, Aqueous

Cat# 25088

Masson's Trichrome Stain Kit


Differential Quik Stain Kit may be used for rapid blood smears for differential assessment, as well as detecting H. pylori microorganisms. The stain is very useful to pathologists for immediate interpretation of fine needle aspiration biopsies. Kit contains a fixative for air-dried cell suspensions and/or touch preparation slides.

Applications :

Fine needle aspirations / Frozen sections / Blood smears / Cytological specimens / Cytopreps / Bone marrow biopsies / Touch prep / Microorganism detection

Packaging Size : 250 ml / 500 ml / 1 gal  of each solution

Kit Contains :

Solution A - Fixative

Solution B - Blue

Solution C - Red

Cat# 24606

Differential Quik Stain Kit (Modified Giemsa)


Picrosirius Red Stain binds specifically to collagen fibrils of varying diameter that is used to distinguish collagen Type I from Type III. Picrosirius Red Stain will quantify the amount of collagen in a given area of myocardial tissue. Picrosirius Red Stain is also useful in the quantitative aspect of liver fibrosis by measuring a change in collagen proportion stained as red.

Packaging Size : 250 ml / 500 ml  of each solution

Kit Contains :

Solution A - Phosphomolybdic Acid

Solution B - Picrosirius Red F3BA Stain

Solution C - 0.1 N Hydrochloride Acid

Cat# 24901

Picrosirius Red Stain Kit


Prussian Blue or Perls' reaction is used to demonstrate ferric iron and ferritin. This is not a true staining technique rather, it is a histochemical reaction. The protein is split off by the hydrochloric acid, allowing the potassium ferrocyanide to combine with the ferric iron. This forms the ferric ferrocyanide or Prussian Blue.

Fixation : 10% NBF or alcohol can be used. sections should be cur at 4μ to 5μ or blood

       or bone marrow smears

Packaging Size : 250 ml of each solution. 250 ml kit stains up to 125 slides

Kit Contains :

4% Potassium Ferrocyanide / 4% Hydrochloric Acid / 1% Nuclear Fast Red

Cat# 24199

Prussian Blue Iron Stain Kit

(Reaction for Demonstration of Iron)


This is a combined method utilizing the properties of both PAS and Alcian blue pH 2.5 methods to demonstrate the full complement of tissue proteoglycans.


Results :

Alcial Blue pH 2.5 stains the acid mucins blue while PAS stains the neutral pink to red.

Kit Contains : 500 ml of each solution. A kit stains up to 200 slides.

Alcian Blue (1% in 3% Acetic Acid)

Schiff's Reagent

0.5% Periodic Acid

Harris Hematoxylin

Scott's Bluing

Cat# 25086

Alcian Blue/PAS Kit


PAS techniques are used to demonstrate polysaccharides, neutral ,mucosubstances and basement membranes primarily in tissue. It is an easy, reproducible stain that provides exceptional stain quality. Kit also includes diastase powder to enable demonstration of glycogen by performing PAS with diastase digestion. Protocols available for both procedures.

Results :

Reticulin Fibers - Black, Fine linear pattern

               Nuclei - Taupe (no counterstain)

               Nuclei - Purple (with Hematoxylin counterstain)

Other tissue elements - Pink to Red


Kit Contains : a kit stains up to 100 slides.

250 ml - 0.5% Periodic Acid Aq

250 ml - Schiff' Reagent

250 ml - 0.55% Potassium Metabisulfite

250 ml - Harris Hematoxylin Acidified

250 ml - Phosphate Citrate Buffer pH 5.0

 0.5 g   - Diastase Powder

Cat# 24200

Periodic Acid Schiff's (PAS) Stain Kit