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Silica Microspheres


Silica Microspheres

Polysciences offers uniform, non-porous silica (SiO) microspheres available in nominal diameters of ~150 nm - 8 µm. These particles typically have size CVs of 10-15%.

Inorganic supports such as silica microspheres have become increasingly important for a variety of applications, including isolation of nucleic acids, cell separation, and immuno- and DNA-based assays.

They offer the combined benefits of a broad platform and the unique properties of a silica substrate:

- Flexible silanization chemistries

- Unique refractive index and density

- Low autofluorescence

- Low nonspecific binding of many biomolecules

- Hydrophilicity

- Ease of handling



Surface Groups

Refractive Index


Glass Transition Temp


: SiO₂, nonporous

: SiOH (non-functionalized); NH₂ or COOK; streptavidin

: ~ 1.43 - 1.46 (589 nm)

: 2.0 g/㎤

: >> 1000 ℃ (Reported value for bulk silica.)

Product Name



0.01 - 0.10 µm

5% Solids dispersions of amorphous silica particles in water with NaOH as a stabilizer

0.30 - 5.00 µm

Monodisperse silica microspheres

in dry form

0.50 - 5.00 µm

Streptavidin coated, 1% solids

0.50 - 5.00 µm

Amine functionalized, 100% solids

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