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Mounting Media



Cat# 18606

Aqua-Poly/Mount is a water-soluble, non-fluorescing, non-permanent, aqueous mounting medium formulated for mounting sections directly from aqueous solutions. It is useful for immunofluorescent techniques as it enhances and retains fluorescent stains.

Aqua-Poly/Mount can be used frozen sections, fat stains and immuno-stains where aqueous mounting media is required.

Refractive Index :   1.454 - 1.460

             Viscosity :   390 cps

Packaging Size :   20 ml / 100 ml / 5 X 20 ml



Cat# 08381

A crystal clear xylene based medium providing superior optical clarity and preserving most biological dyes with little or no fading when slides are stored in light tight containers. The viscosity permits bubble-free applications with minimal spreading and excellent adhesion of coverslips. Poly-Mount® is perfect for mounting and long term storage. It is non-water soluble, miscible with toluene and xylene.

Refractive Index :   1.484

             Viscosity :   192 cps

Packaging Size :   120 ml / 940 ml


Mowiol® 4-88

Cat# 17951

Mowiol® 4-88 is a high quality mounting medium for immunofluorescence and molecular biology applications. When hardened it has the same refractive index as immersion oil. If used for immunofluorescence applications, the addition of glycerin is recommended. Mowiol® 4-88 can be made an anti-fade medium through the addition of p-phenylenediamine.

The polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH; PVA) is also used as water-activated adhesive. Remoistenable adhesives are used in the paper processing industry, e.g. on the reverse side of postage stamps and labels.

Packaging Size :   500 g / 1 kg


CitraMount™ Medium

Cat# 24214

This butyl acetate and acrylic mixture is the first mounting medium developed that allows coverslipping directly from d-limonene based clearants. Superior results are also obtained with xylene.

Recommended for manual coverslipping only as it may cause damage to the valves of automated coverslippers. Get a clear seal and decrease your drying time to less than 24 hours.


Refractive Index :   1.484

             Viscosity :   90 cps

Packaging Size :   100 ml / 500 ml


PolyGlass Coverslipping Medium

Cat# 22253

A toluene based liquid coverslipping media designed to eliminate the use of coverslips. Non-yellowing and scratch resistant, Polyglass simplifies the protection of prepared slides. The refractive index is near 1.48 and can be removed if necessary by soaking in toluene or xylene. Ideal for uneven thick sections that cause air bubbles under a coverslip with routine procedures.


Refractive Index :   1.48

             Viscosity :   149 cps

Packaging Size :   120 ml / 1 case (6 X 120 ml)

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