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SMTube 관련 논문

Original Papers of Strip Meniscometry

Dogru M, Ishida K, Matsumoto Y, et al. Strip meniscometry: a new and simple method of tear meniscus evaluation. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2006;47:1895-1901.

Ibrahim OM, Dogru M, Ward SK, et al. The efficacy, sensitivity and specificity of strip meniscometry in conjunction with tear function tests in the assessment of tear meniscus. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2011;52:2194-2198.

Publications involving SMTube Product in their studies

Ishikawa S, Kato N, Okamoto Y, Takeuchi D. 健康診断におけるStrip Meniscometry を用いた涙液量検査の有用性: Utility of tear volume measurement using strip meniscometry at a mass medical checkup. Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Lacrimal Passage and Tear Dynamics. Tokyo: Session Number RR-7-1; 2014. (in Japanese)

Sinzawa M, Dogru M, Miyasaka K, Shimazaki J, Sekiryu T. 前眼部OCT とstrip menscometryのドライアイ診断ヘの応用: Application of Anterior-Segment OCT and strip meniscometry in the diagnosis of dry eye. J Jpn Ophthalmol Soc 2015;119(Suppl.):212. (in Japanese)

Sagara H. Quantitative Measurement of Tear Meniscus Volume during Visual Field Testing Strip Meniscometry. 6th World Glaucoma Congress. Hong Kong: Session Number P-T-057;2015.

Sano K, Kawashima M, Ikeura K, Arita R, Tsubota K. Abdominal breathing increases tear secretion in healthy women. Ocul Surf 2015;13:82-87.

Okura M, Kawashima M, Katagiri M, Shirasawa T, Tsubota K. New Eye Cleansing Product Improves Makeup-Related Ocular Problems. J Ophthalmol 2015;2015:831628.

Ishikawa S, Kato N, Takeuchi M. The Efficacy of Strip Meniscometry and DEQS for Dry Eye Screening during Medical Health checkups. Poster Session in ARVO (Poster Board Number: A0061), 2016.

Shinzawa M, Dogru M, Miyasaka K, Shimazaki J, Sekiryu T. Application of CASIA SS-1000 Optical Cogerence Tomography Tear Meniscus Imaging in Testing the Efficacy of New Strip Meniscometry in Dry Eye Diagnosis. Eye Cont Lens 2017.

Lee KW, Kim JY, Chin HS, Seo KY, Kim TI, Jung JW. Assessment of the Tear Meniscus by Strip Meniscometry and Keratography in Patients With Dry Eye Disea According to the Presence of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Cornea 2017;36:189-195.

Strip Meniscometry related papers

Dogru M, Ward SK, Wakamatsu T, et al. The effects of 2 week senofilcon-A silicone hydrogel contact lens daily wear on tear functions and ocular surface health status. Cont Lens Anterior Eye 2011;34:77-82.

Kojima T, Matsumoto Y, Ibrahim OM, et al. Effect of controlled adverse chamber environment exposure on tear functions in silicon hydrogel and hydrogel soft contact lens wearers. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2011;52:8811-8817.

Ibrahim OM, Dogru M, Kojima T, et al. OCT assessment of tear meniscus after punctal occlusion in dry eye disease. Optom Vis Sci 2012;89:E770-E776.

Hirayama M, Murat D, Liu Y, Kojima T, Kawakita T, Tsubota K. Efficacy of a novel moist cool air device in office workers with dry eye disease. Acta Ophthalmol 2013;91:756-762.

Ibrahim OM, Dogru M, Kawashima S, Wakamatsu TH, Tsubota K, Fujishima H. Visante optical coherence tomography and tear function test evaluation of cholinergic treatment response in patients with sjogren syndrome. Cornea 2013;32:653-657.

Kojima T, Matsumoto Y, Ibrahim OM, Wakamatsu TH, Dogru M, Tsubota K. Evalutation of a thermosensitive atelocollagen punctal plug treatment for dry eye disease. Am J Ophthalmol 2014;157:311-317.

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