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Medical Device

New method for Tear Volume Measurement

Only 5 seconds!

Dry Eye Screening

5 seconds quantification for the lower tear meniscus volume

Swiftness; only 5 seconds per eye

Minimally Invasive, No anesthetic required


FDA, CE, KFDA registration

  • New diagnostic medical device, "Strip Meniscometry Tube(SMTube)", developed for a simple, accurate, swift and minimally-invasive assessment of tear volume.

  • It has been reported that the strip meniscometry testing was useful in the diagnosis of dry eye disease, showing a statistically significant correlation with other ocular surface examinations such as the Schirmer test, tear film break-up time measurement, and vital staining scored (Ibrahim, 2011).

  • SMTube is a product to perform the strip meniscometry testing, developed with an appropriate standardization and mass-production techniques, with intent to help medical staff carry out the testing with ease and accuracy.

  • Since SMTube is used right on ocular surfaces, the safety is highly considered;
    The material and structure were carefully chosen and designed so that no damage ought to occur on the ocular surface in case the tip of the strip touches cornea or conjunctiva.

Product Inquiry​


Comparison with a Existing Lacrimal Test

Existing method : Schirmer's test


Inserting the Schirmer Strip
inside the lower eyelid (Conjunctuval Sac)


Immersing the SM Tube

into the tear meniscus liquid

5 minutes


Required time


5 seconds


​SMTube Shape

  • Immerse the tip of the SMTube strip into the tear meniscus of the lower eyelid for 5 seconds.

  • The length of stained column quantifies the tear meniscus volume.

  • The column will be stained with blue dye as the SMTube absords tears.

Product Information

KFDA(Korea FDA) device registered as Class I

  • Manufacturer : 

  • Country of Origin : Japan

  • ISO 13485:2003, ENISO13485:2012 certified

  • Package : 50 strips/box

  • Pouch : Each SM Tube is individually sterillized

MHLW Japan registered as Class I medical device

FDA device registered as Class I

European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, CE marked as Class I

PCT patented


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